Hasbro POE Programme

The challenge

Establish permanent shelf space for Hasbro franchise brands in-store. Create a fun and engaging for shopper experience for all ages.

Success factors

  • The Point of Emotion (POE) programme was born.
  • A modular and scalable solution fits over 90% of stores selling toys in Europe.
  • Drive sales through increased visibility and brand awareness.
  • Each store installation includes interactive features to engage and excite the shoppers, helping them experience the Hasbro key brand.

The results

  • Global Gold award for Toy, Sport and Fashion
  • POPAI Display of the year
  • 6 Hasbro brands featured 8,000 bays 
  • Over 1,000 stores for 93 retailers in 22 countries
  • 34,081 Items to pick and ship

A few additional successful retail projects