Measure. Reduce. Offset.

Measuring embedded CO2 in all our retail designs

Reducing carbon footprint step by step

Offsetting the CO2 we cannot eliminate

Measuring embedded CO2

Measuring embedded carbon content of our retail display components gives us a benchmark for constant reduction

We use LIST (Low Impact Shopfitting Tool) to measure the carbon content of our displays. This helps us inform our customers and help them achieve their own net zero goals.

Reducing embedded CO2

By understanding our current levels of embedded CO2 we can reduce to hit specific targets

Design for disassembly

We aim to maximise the ability to recycle materials at end of life


By constantly evolving and reducing the carbon footprint in our solutions, we won the POPAI sustainability award for our work with Pepsico

Offsetting embedded CO2

For carbon emissions that can’t be reduced, we are partnering with carbon offsetting agencies

Measure. Reduce. Offset.

Our goal to achieve net zero carbon sustainability can only be realised with commitment from initial design thinking through the whole supply chain.