Bringing together 

our expertise 

to invent 

impactful retail

At Displayplan, we help retailers and brands get noticed, grow engagement and increase sales with digital and sustainable displays. Whether you’re in London, Hertfordshire or across the UK, we can provide the just-right suite of end-to-end digital experience platforms and customer experience solutions to meet your needs.

Insights and Strategy

Understanding today’s retail context and shopper behaviour to inform and direct strategies for successful retail solutions.

Design and Development

Our designers are dedicated to delivering market-leading retail experiences that help grow sales. Our team members collaborate to integrate technology with physical features. From big ideas to practical value-engineering, our designers deliver results.

Digital Innovation

Displayplan digital experts are at the forefront of what is fresh and new. We blend tech, digital knowledge and experience with physical elements to create the ultimate shopper experiences. Our dynamic content management system supports solutions and provides robust programme analytics.

Global Supply

Our highly competitive supply chain gives great value for the quality and timeline required.

Consistent QA/QC processes and standards are used across all our regions. With supply bases in the UK, Balkans, Baltics and China we take away the hassle and offer a streamlined and consistent service to all our clients from all our manufacturing regions.

Programme Management

We provide the just-right suite of end-to-end services to meet your needs. We have a UK head office with resources worldwide providing a blend of experienced retail equipment project management with specialists for Digital and AV solutions. Our OH2 e-commerce platform streamlines regional and global programmes.

A Sustainable Approach

We are deeply committed to sustainability. Lifecycle thinking, supported by LIST which measures embedded carbon helps us lower the environmental impact of all we do.

We Measure embedded CO2 

Design to Reduce carbon footprints step by step

Work with our clients to Offset the CO2 we cannot eliminate

Let’s get

to work!

Award-winning, creative and client service led. We are dedicated to delivering retail experiences that perform locally, regionally or globally.