Craig & Rose Glasgow Showroom

The brief

Create an immersive in-store brand experience that appeals to and introduces Craig & Rose paints to the local Glasgow artisan audience. All within a small store footprint.

The space needs to inspire and support perfect consultation areas. Local shoppers explore the latest product ranges and services in a space designed to appeal to local tastes.

The concept

Create a primary Focal point in-store visible to outside foot traffic. Centre this over an Inspiration Table that encourages shopper engagement and hands-on interaction with the product portfolio. Additional space at the rear of the store provides an intimate relaxing area for personal

The results

A space that inspires and enables the perfect consultation areas to explore latest product ranges and services. All appealing to local target audience.

“A great immersive experience that enables shoppers to explore and discover our key product ranges with our instore experts.”

Craig & Rose

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