Co-op Local and Bake

The challenge

Energize Co-op’s local produce and baked goods departments to win more shopper footfall. Deliver a cost-effective display range with an artisanal look and feel.

Create a blend of standard equipment and all-new custom elements to create local shop and bakery destinations.

Challenge Co-op consolidate the equipment range needed to reduce costs and simplify installation. 

Success factors

A family of front of store fixtures for inspiring fresh product and seasonal or promotional offers.

Wood finishes and rustic steel pipe bring a warm and homely feel to the departments.

Single end-to-end partner- idea through delivery. 

17 items designed, tested, value engineered and rolled out.

The results

In qualitative research Co-op realized their goal of elevating shoppers’ opinion of their stores fresh and local experience drives repeat visits. 

A few additional successful retail projects