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Revolutionising Retail Round-Up

Posted 23-06-23
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Have you ever wondered how brands and retailers can continue to drive footfall and shopper engagement in an ever-changing market?

From the integration of new technologies to sustainability-focused solutions, join Displayplan’s Retail Experiences Director, Leon Turney and Retail Expert and Influencer Ian Scott as they share some invaluable insights into the top trends currently taking the industry by storm. 

Watch Revolutionising Retail Webinar

Meet the experts

Over the past 12 years with Displayplan, Leon’s passion and enthusiasm for innovative retail experiences have contributed to his growth as a retail expert. Leading our drive into digitally integrated displays with our clients. Leon is well-equipped to deliver awareness around the key factors shaping the future of retail.

With over 20 years in the industry and a place as a Top Retail Influencer, Ian is guaranteed to provide some insightful viewpoints when it comes to the world of retail. Today, Ian has utilised his fascination and experience of retail to form his own consultancy; solidifying his position and understanding of the shifting retail landscape.