Mars Modular displays

The challenge

Design, develop, deliver and manage a permanent display system for Wrigley that retailers will use while also streamlining Mars-Wrigley operations. 

Success factors

A modular system with injection mouldings and steel frame elements suitable to build out a wide variety of display formats that:

  • Improves speed to market.
  • Makes set-up and assembly easy, with fewer parts and less hardware.
  • Functionality with flexibility.
  • Cost-effective global distribution still accommodating customisation and localisation for different markets.
  • Future-proofed to support technology additions.

The results

  • 8 essential components tooled up and fully inter-changeable.
  • Over 40 different displays variants produced to date for Wrigley markets across Europe.
  • Production lead times improved 65% over previous processes.
  • Assembly time 60% less than previous versions.
  • Displays are easy to disassembly and re-purpose parts for other displays—all with one custom tool.

“The EVO display system is a breakthrough, standout platform for Mars, offering unprecedented efficiency and sustainability. EVO enables us to meet the bespoke needs of our customers both for today and tomorrow, providing the agility we need whilst delivering on impact and product availability.” 

Mars UK Permanent Display Design Manager

A few additional successful retail projects