Sainsbury’s IGM&C

The challenge

Sainsbury’s challenged us to deliver their high-level vision for non-food departments. Elevate the shopping experience while ensuring cost-effectiveness.  

The brief

A single modular system with a both wood and metal elements that builds out a wide variety of fixture formats and product merchandising approaches.

Components are easily scaled to fit different store footprints with decoratives and graphics customizing each area.

Focus on lean packing and volumes to ensure shipping and consolidation of equipment continues to give Sainsbury’s good value for money throughout the life cycle of the kit.

The results

1 Prototype store

7 Trial stores 

86 different fixtures across 11 departments

4 year partnership includes roll-out with 520 pallets delivered in year 1

Over 40 Fixtures

25 containers delivered

“We need rapid deployment when testing new store formats. The Displayplan team understand what our shopper wants, but better yet they work quickly, value engineer from the start and ensure every detail is covered in advance.”

Sainsbury’s Formats team member

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