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OSM Shop-in-Shop

The challenge

Merge OSM pearl culture into a show stopping shop-in-shop for shoppers in China seeking engagement with the brand. Coordinate a diverse range of fixtures and fittings into a consistent and instantly recognizable design format. 

Success factors

  • An iconic pearlescent destination that attracts, engages, and converts shoppers. 
  • Modular system builds out shop-in-shops of different sizes from key components.
  • Pearlescent materials and lighting reinforce a clean, pure and sparkling feeling. 
  •  Brand and product communications messages play through large format screens and lightboxes reinforced through specialty lighting.   
  • Product highlighters and testers fully integrated into the cabinet design. Shopper engagement is led by highlight areas for new products. 
  • Consultation areas for product testing and deeper brand engagement.

The results

Significant sales uplift of 30% compared to other department stores in China market. This was due to location and accessibility for shoppers to easily experience OSM products with expert guidance.

A few additional successful retail projects