Mars Colourwall

The challenge

Create an instore Colourwall that is a key destination for consumers and brings an experience that would only be possible in M&M flagship stores. 

Success factors

Disrupt and engage shoppers through digital and physical. 

Unique and ownable solution.

Trigger incremental usage occasions.

Dynamic and adaptable through modular thinking.

Improve the way product is dispensed. 

The results

Digital connection alerts shoppers to seasonal messages and missions, all easily remotely updated.

All Colourwall product colours are different to those in a standard pack, making this a unique offer to consumers and shoppers.   

Fun push up dispenser engages consumers.

Eliminates wasted product, dispensers release just a few M&Ms at a time.

Single solution works for markets around the world, reducing display costs.

All-new packaging approach speeds up refill/restocking effort giving 60% time saving.

“This is a great key destination for consumers, in multiple categories, that gives a unique experience of our M&M products.”

Mars Display Director

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