LEGO POP Programme

The challenge

Be an extension of our team to design, engineer, manufacture, warehouse and install in-store displays around the world in key retail channels. Extend the service offer to include store layouts, custom equipment and complete store call-offs.

Success factors

  • A cross-functional team with plenty of programme experience assigned to develop and manufacture all-new in-store programme equipment.
  • Train up specialist designers to work with LEGO designers on the same software for store layouts.
  • Integrate store layout software with order systems to streamline idea to delivery.
  • Activate our global supply base in China, combined with regional warehouse partners for operational excellence.
  • Adapt our online e-commerce and customer portal to create a central tool for briefs, claims, orders and all equipment information

The results

  • Single online portal for all programme information accessible to client contacts around the world
  • Production windows 30% faster than previous programme
  • Store layout to order time reduced over 40% through use of integrated design and order software.

A few additional successful retail projects