Hotel Chocolat

The challenge

Activate Hotel Chocolat shopper engagement in their retail stores.  Energize, inform, educate and inspire visitors to their brand stores with digital solutions that bring Hotel Chocolat products to life.

An essential part of the solution is remote updates of content that hits seasonal or promotional windows and supports new product launches.

Success factors

A front-of-store custom fixture stocks product and holds two 55” portrait screens. A high-contrast screen faces outwards to street traffic, a standard screen faces in-store to feature products on display.

On-shelf connected tablet engages shoppers browsing product ranges, educating about accessories and flavour options.

All screens are connected via Connie, our intelligent content management system for remote content management, device monitoring and shopper analytics. Additional support for content creation and management.

The results

97% compliance—screens always on for store open hours. 

Street-facing digital signage on 24/7

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