OSM China Shop-in-Shop

We create a new beauty shop-in-shop for OSM in the China market. The concept merged OSM pearl culture into the design perfectly.

The idea was to create an iconic destination in-store and positive shopper experience. We introduced a new colour palette, softening the materiality, which gives you a clean, pure and sparkling feeling. High level branding stands out in store. Clear communication of the latest brand messages play through integrated large format screens and lightboxes. Lighting features soften your mood. Niche features showcase latest products. Consultation areas enable you to test products and absorb the OSM pearl culture. All these elements give a great in-store experience for China shoppers.

OSM China Shop-in-Shop-01
OSM China Shop-in-Shop-02
OSM China Shop-in-Shop-03
OSM China Shop-in-Shop-04

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