Garmin EMEA M.I.D. display range - POPAI Award Winner 2021

The Brief

Garmin was seeking a flexible modular display system that could work in any retail environment.  Most importantly, integrated technology would support shopper’s ability to lift, learn and explore Garmin’s vast product range.

The Vision

Create a flexible modular system that integrates both security for high-priced products and integrates smart screens to help sell high-value products.


Garmin modular range

The Solution

On-site Digital: Managed digital signage, interactive screens and Lift & Learn technology.


The Physical

Three core components each done in two sizes provides a platform to build out any sized display for small to large stores. An all-new security system allows common components to be used for a little to a lot of security.

A modular header incorporates small or large smart screens. Screens are connected via sensors to displayed products, activating product-specific content when lifted.

Garmin 400-600CTU 1300

The Content

All displays with smart screens are connected via Connie. Displays across the European region are monitored from our head office, we troubleshoot quickly and easily.

Our content creation team adapts Garmin assets and delivers regularly scheduled updates to tie in with new product introductions.

Garmin CTU in-store

The Result

Localized content is pushed to single sites across Europe from a central location.  The display range is 25% less expensive than previous systems but provides more versatility. In-store theft of devices is down, shopper engagement is up, and sales are growing well.

POPAI Sports and Fashion Gold Award Winner 2021

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