Garmin wearables lift and learn

The Challenge

Elevate the Garmin brand in-store

Clearly communicate the specific features of each watch to potential customers

Integrate digital technology to provide Garmin with data on which products customers were interacting with


The Solution

On-site Digital: Lift and Learn

Using the digital screen integrated into the physical unit, in-store customers are encouraged to ‘pick-up’ each watch to learn about and choose the best product for their needs.

Each watch is attached to a security tether. When the watch is lifted content automatically changes on the screen to display product specific content.

The data from each ‘lift’ is automatically logged in to Connie.

Aside from a triple-digit boost in sales, Garmin constantly receive large data sets which detail shopper interaction statistics.

The copy and content are remotely created and managed by Displayplan to keep the unit fresh and relevant to the specific location or market.


The Benefits

“Since engaging with Displayplan, we have gained a significantly better understanding of which watches our customers are interested in. The team monitor this data closely and it forms a key part of our in-store strategy”

EMEA Merchandising Manager GARMIN


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