Garmin Tacx in-store cycling experience

The Brief

Design and develop an integrated in-store experience that enables shoppers to try the latest physical Garmin and Tacx products. The concept needs to showcase the powerful digital connection with apps that make indoor cycling fun.

Garmin Global Cycling Display 1300

The Concept

Build on existing solutions and develop the physical and digital connectivity for a truly seamless experience that excites key target cycling audience. Products need to be held securely and powered for shoppers to touch, play with, and engage.

Garmin Global Cycling Display Front 1300
Garmin Global Cycling Security 1300jpg

The Solution

Large format touch screen enables clear navigation through product features and benefits. Demo mode gives real time experience of apps and physical products aiding in-store experts to find the best combination for shoppers.

Tacx instore Julie Cycles
Tacx Julie Cycles 1300
Tacx instore 1300

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