EVO Platform System

The Brief

Create a display transformation that refreshes existing modular equipment, with clear messaging that appeals to shoppers. Utilise layered relevant technology and digitalisation for additional impact. The solution needs to be flexible to provide multiple displays in multiple locations for effective placement. Gum and chocolate products need to be easily replenished and standout in-store.

How it works EVO shelf 1300
EVO range

The Concept

The EVO Platform System is modular, digital, easy to shop and easy to replenish. Created today to transform tomorrow. Build any size display to suit location and opportunities to improve gum and chocolate availability and standout in-store.

EVO In Aisle AEU 1300

The Solution

Transforms display through added display functionality and modularity. Utilising relevant technology to create standout in-store through lighting, stock rotation or seamlessly linking marketing messages that can be easily updated by Connie our in-house CMS. Creating impact that appeals and converts shoppers.

MW Poundland illuminated 1300
EVO belted checkout 1300
Evo checkout

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