Things we love, Microsoft store Oxford Circus

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No one can miss the new Microsoft store at Oxford Circus.


The new store is brilliant for test and trial of Microsoft products.

MS_store_1 MS_store_2 MS_store_3 MS_store_5

A bit of inspiration and demonstration of product capabilities.


The answer desk is a busy spot. Lots of consultants helping lots of shoppers on the first floor, away from the highest footfall awards.


The gamers have their own space. It’s moody and fits the e-gaming aesthetic, with lots of products to test and trial.

MS_store_Xbox_1 MS_store_Xbox_2 MS_store_Xbox_3

The ground floor digital signage system is very impressive. There are full-wall screens across 3 walls, coordinated with additional large-format screens on the front-of-store structural columns between windows. The content is coordinated across all the screens. Constant motion keeps it interesting, but the pace is right—not too fast, but not so slow it’s boring.

MS store


Love the workshop space. When we were visiting a group of 12 year olds were learning coding to build a game.


Great spot.


Posted 27-08-19