Things we love, Le 4 Casino, Paris France

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We visited this new 3-floor store on Avenue des Champs-Élysées. Casino’s new concept store has a lot to like.


Visible from the street, the augmented reality digital display is creating an all-new experience for shoppers before they even enter the store. More on that later.

Note store is prepared for Alipay and additional mobile-based payment methods.


Pride of place to organic and locally sourced products and snacks.

5-bakery 4-_local_produce

All chilled products are in chiller cabinets with doors. Notice adjacencies to the touchscreen order wall.


A highlight of the street level floor is La Cave – the wine cellar. Highlighted products are backlit. Any wine bottle selected and placed on the right mark illuminates the table with product information, tasting and menu suggestions.

8-wine_cave 9-wine_cave

Another cave: Gorgeous and tasty well merchandised chocolate display.


Free co-working space available on the upper level.

14-Co-working_space 11-cowork 12-cowork

Cdiscount’s first Parisian showroom presents a range of the e-tailer’s best-selling products, within and around the co-working space. Users can buy anything* they see, with opportunity to test many devices.

*Products are not in-stock at this location.

13-cowork 15-cowork

Shoppers can choose from a selection of carefully curated gourmet products and sample dishes concocted by a guest chef. They can blend this physical in-store experience with digital shopping. After sampling and browsing, shoppers can do their daily shopping using a giant digital wall – the Picking Wall – through which they have access to the full range of products available from Casino’s online store for delivery that evening.

16-pick_wall 17_Pick_wall

Street level.

Launch a question at the terminal, it will show you the way to find the product you are looking for.


Upper level.

If your mobile phone is not what you want for a shopping experience this 42” touch screen in the co-working space can be used for on-line shopping. Delivery of goods required.


Self-checkout stations at the front of store are small, but that works for this city center location.


Casino scan and shop system also in use.


What you think are windows are screens. What you think you see is that it is snowing outside– but the screen has created an atmospheric and lovely bit of snowfall.


Posted 08-02-19