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We visited the new Oxfam Superstore in Oxford this month. We wanted to share what we saw. The plain-looking exterior reveals an appealing and interesting shopping experience inside.


Two steps inside the front door. A lovely season-appropriate presentation just inside the front doors is evocative of traditional high-street shop windows. Event board is filled with a lot of activities the local community can participate in.

IMG_0369 IMG_0371

Six steps inside the front door. The entry presents hand-made products from artisans supported by Oxfam. Market stall presentations full of interesting wearables, accessories and home décor.


Ten steps inside. Keep layouts simple, home made cushions for seating in the shoe department a nice touch.

IMG_0383 IMG_0384

The women’s apparel department has well-grouped items, often organized by colour. Tables, mannikins and shelf displays make suggestions for total outfits and complimentary accessories.


The center of the store has several structures creating curated sets of merchandise for the Christmas season. From décor to a selection of kid-friendly gifts the assortments are very appealing. The spaces are easy to re-set for seasonal changes.

IMG_0388 IMG_0394

Café with water tank structure and story. Oxfam works to build water tanks for deprived communities. Their café tells the story of those good works, both in physical structure and story telling.


Planet friendly new products department. A wide selection of planet-friendly cleaning products an, personal care and food items. Classic placement in-queue adjacent to the store checkout area where nearly every shopper pauses their journey. “Sourced by Oxfam” identification could be a point of leverage for products entering mainstream retail.


Headed towards the checkout zone. High-value jewelry and accessories are in secure cabinets in the line of sight by cashiers.


A lot to like. The store is well merchandised, appealing and a great spot to explore. Strong references to Oxfam.com and the digital side of their activities. Physical representation of key initiatives such as building water tanks in waterless communities reinforces the Oxfam brand well. The café is brilliant. Planet-friendly product range is well presented, a lot to learn about– and set expectations to see such a range in mainstream retail.

We are not sure how scalable the shop is, as it is based on the merchandising of donated goods as well as finding modest-cost space. But we love it and think this great store experience should be shared.


Posted 20-11-19