London Design Festival. What we saw

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This is a snapshot of what our designers saw at the 2017 London Design Fair. We will touch on technologies and how they are influencing our behaviour through projects and display, right down to emerging colours and forms.


Approximately 28 countries were represented at Design Junction. Finnish and Dutch exhibits stood out and drew our attention with their clean furniture, lighting and products. Korea had novel products and display area, nice use of shoe boxes. They all had a regional twist that was appealing.


A number of designers were showing their latest flat pack thinking. Our favourite was the KW3 stool. Really nice packaging and fixings, very attractive. Ply-able stools slotted and tied together, less elegant more functional.


We see a growing trend in decorative 3d printed products. These ranged from modular wall hangings and lamp shades to jewellery. Delicate shapes and forms that created exquisite objects.


The 80’s are here to stay! Lots of pastel shades being used across furniture, jewellery and print. We mainly saw light green, blue and pinks, with mustard yellow contrast and highlights of orange and teal.


Mixed in with all the previous palette ranges was high contrast fluorescents. Great use as a focal point or standout item. Bold and in your face!


New Renault concept car was inspirational. You could also experience and find out more through VR. Finsa boards had a good immersive experience that brought their product and sculptures to life. Both contrasting objects using the same VR technology to express a specific human interaction and experience. Nice.


Large fabric cable casings in multiple colours where used in a variety lighting applications. We liked the soft feel and that you can tie the cables together to form gentle shapes.


We hope you enjoyed our take on what’s trending today. This is a snapshot of everything we saw. If you want to know more or just have a chat, give us a call.


Posted 19-10-17