It's all about the people

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As part of the leadership team, a little over three years ago we moved Displayplan into a private organisation.

This was the chance to be able to create and shape an environment and to build a place where people could achieve their goals. Not that this wasn’t possible before, but this time, it was without the corporate guidelines and the big box politics.


Defining and implementing a culture to really make a difference requires at least 2 years of perseverance and determination. Breaking down walls, creating teams, flattening hierarchies, building behind a management group and deciding on the direction together has been a key ingredient for us. Then layering in a healthy sprinkling of internationalism keeps the place fun and interesting.


At the end of the day, we are a people business, our strengths and our abilities come down to not only whether we have the right people in the right place with the right skills, but also whether those people are motivated enough to do a great job.

As a Managing Director I always say I have the easiest job, keep the people happy and the rest will take care of itself!


Posted 18-01-16