IoT is changing the game with in-store experiences

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Leon has been exploring IoT (Internet of Things), at the recent Rethink! Internet of Retail Minds conference.

Earlier this week Leon, our Development and Innovations Director attended the Rethink! event to find out what is new in the world of tech and innovation.

The event was very interesting and full of thought-provoking statements. Interestingly the biggest surprise was how the buzzword ‘omnichannel’ was plateauing. IoT is the new thing and it seems, it is here to stay.

Integrating technology into the store environment can really serve to create an unforgettable experience. Though that is not to say that technology should always be included in a retailers’ offering, especially if it doesn’t heighten the consumer experience, or relate to the product offering.

“We don’t want retailers or brands to make the mistake of integrating technology into their offering, for technology’s sake. We need to stay true to a core vision of digital simplicity, using it to support and enhance the customer journey in-store via connected devices at touch points on that journey” – Leon Turney.

To read more about Leon’s opinion on today’s technology offering, head on over to Retail Design World.

Posted 29-09-16