Clear, concise, communications

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Frustrating isn’t it? You are driving along the road, when a diversion is signposted. Several miles on, the signs are non-existent and you are in an unfamiliar area and so you follow a tortuous route to get to your destination.

Clear, concise communication is so important… the lack of which turns out to be the root cause of most issues.

The key to good communication is choosing the right form of message, for the occasion and audience – whilst adjusting your approach to make it easier for the recipient to understand what you want to achieve.

For example, ‘diving’ into a phone call full of facts and figures will be unlikely to elicit the required outcome. Quicker progress could be made by setting out your main points via email and stating you will call to discuss once the recipient has had time to absorb. For a meeting, a simple agenda creates a more focused group because all will understand the purpose.

Is it clear what you want to achieve?

Are any actions needed? if so by whom and by when?

Be succinct and stick to the relevant facts. Read through any written communication before sending and reduce unwieldy paragraphs ideally to short and ‘sweet’ bullet points. This will allow each of your points to be addressed, whilst preventing confusion.

Clarity will reduce your workload!

Posted 15-08-16