Displayplan hails success of strategy to focus on sustainable retail experiences

Posted 08-09-22
1 minute read

UK-based retail experience specialist Displayplan is hailing the success of its decision to focus its business around sustainable retail experiences.

Speaking as the firm unveiled a rebrand and new website, Displayplan Managing Director Scott Morris commented:

Since 2020 physical and digital shopping channels have continued to converge at pace. The competitive landscape of physical retail has shifted towards making the shopping experience easier and more fun, thus driving loyalty, conversion and sales.

This means delivering a mix of physical components from sustainable sources and blending the right technology to create enhanced in-store experiences and WOW moments through a wide range of shopper engagement approaches.”

Displayplan’s focus on retail experiences has engaged customers for both brand and retail clients across many sectors. These experiences have proven commercial success and clients have been able to point to increased sales, conversion rates, dwell times and brand loyalty as a result.

Scott Morris continues:

“Experiential retailing is about combining physical components with new AI, VR and ecommerce technologies in-store while integrating just the right amount of personalisation, customer service, accessibility, ease of use and quick access to key product information to form an entertaining, educational and absorbing experience much as they would receive online.”

“This can radically improve conversion rates and increase sales.”

About Displayplan

Displayplan has nearly 40 years’ experience in working with the world’s most prominent brands and retailers to conceive, design and deliver innovative, sustainable displays and store fixture programmes. Our goal is to make stores shopper-friendly, enable shopper decision-making and reduce friction in the buying process by creating engaging retail experiences. To do this we start by gaining deep insight into our clients’ strategic retail plans and approaches so that we can align our thinking and help them succeed in the rapidly changing physical retail landscape. Carbon neutral since 2020, we think and operate sustainably to benefit our clients and their shoppers in everything we do.

Next steps

If you’re a retail brand or marketing exec looking to inject some psychological design thinking into your display designs, speak to Displayplan about how we can create the perfect in-store experience for you. Contact us today.